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Sorting, Indexing and Paginating Medical Records

Medical records are organised in sections for example, GP notes and each Hospital Trust records will have their own section. Within each section the records are subdivided chronologically under the common headings: clinical records, consent forms and procedure notes, correspondence, investigation results, nursing records and observation charts etc. Maternity or obstetric records will have additional divisions to reflect antenatal, labour and post-natal care. Page numbering starts at 1 for each sub-section. Pagination is clearly stamped at the bottom right of each page and an index is provided at the front of each lever arch file of records.

Listing Missing Medical Records

Missing or incomplete records are identified. You are informed via email immediately of any glaring omissions to enable the missing records to be requested as soon as possible. Once the records have been collated and paginated a more accurate list of missing records is provided

Data Processing & Security

MRP has always taken information security very seriously with procedures already established to monitor, manage and control client confidentiality.  Client data is tranmitted securely in an anonymised and encryped form.


Detailed Chronologies to the Medical Records

A detailed cross-referenced chronology of events can be prepared. Key events are recorded in date and time order and any discrepancies highlighted.

Medical Schedules

Additional medical related information such as a schedule of X-rays/scans, the identification of treatment protocols/guidelines and a glossary of terms can also be prepared.

Please contact us to discuss your requirments for any additional service options.